CDIO Academy - Day 2 Programme

What have we done?
We managed to come up with 20 ideas pertaining to the needs we mentioned during Day 1 programme. It requires a lot of thinking processes. We managed to discuss and finalised those ideas within the given time frame. The pitching went well and we gathered valuable feedbacks from the audience to enhance on our ideas.

Value Proposition Canvas - We moved on to create a value proposition canvas to identify the customer gains and pains pertaining to our solutions. This process helps us to identify what are the loop holes and things that we may want to focus on.

Learning Card - We approached people to propose our ideas in order to get some insightful feedbacks on how our ideas can be improved. Based on the feedback we have gathered, we figured out what are the areas that can and needs to be improved. There are certain areas which we may need to reconsider about.

What are the problems that we faced?
We're unable to decide on which 3 out of the 20 solutions for us to focus on. However, we managed to come to a conclusion to develop an application that comprises few of our solutions into it. 

How we overcome it?
Each member of our team expressed his/her opinion about their perspective, what they would want if he/she is a potential customer for the cruise trip. After that, we conclude our choices and put them into the Value Proposition Canvas. We gathered all the crucial information on the Post-Its and do a pitching to the rest of the participants. We managed to get a lot of valuable and insightful feedbacks after our pitching. We make use of the feedback we gathered to make changes and further enhance on our ideas.
What have we learned from it?
We have learned that as a group, it required determination, hard work and commitment to achieve success. It is crucial to gather feedback from the third person point of view to understand what they need.
What is our final idea for this challenge?
We would develop a universal application for every passenger boarding the cruise ship. It provides a through out access to the ship's asset; gain control over the specified electrical appliances in the cabin. Booking the ticket for the concert, movie cinema and even calling the cabin crew etc. With our application, we will transform the cruise ship into a huge network with everything and everyone that is connected. 

Furthermore, some additional services like the Automatic trolley system, GPS tracking, View purchase transaction, Lighting control system is being implemented into our application. With all these assets, the cruise ship experience that we provide will be a pleasant and an unforgetable memory for all of the passengers. 

Therefore, we are confident that with our Application, it would make a person to want to take a cruise in 2025, and be happy about it. We have no doubt that he/she will soon become a frequent cruiser!

CDIO Academy - Day 1 Programme

What have we done?
During the first day of our programme, we are being introduced to the objectives of the CDIO Academy projects. It includes the process thinking and they organised engaging activities that helped us to know one another better. Through the working process, we did the Need, Approach, Benefit and Competitor (NABC) approach with regards to our projects in order to assist us further. We managed to produced a varieties of innovative ideas. 

What problems we faced in the thinking process? How we overcome it?
One major problem that we faced was having to come up with a reason to why customer need to take on a cruise. We had an intense discussion about this topic as we are struggling to understand the concept of the "Need". Some of the ideas are quite good but not practical and some are irrelevant. Fortunately, we managed to find the suitable need: De-stress the passengers. 

What have we learned from the 1st day?
How to balance the difference between team members, learned to appreciate others effort and contribution. It is important to work closely together as a team to achieve better results. We learned to value different perspectives from different group members.